Chief Operation Officer (COO)

Operation Manager Chief Operation Officer (COO)

Job brief :

As a key member of the Executive Management team, the Chief Operation Officer will report to the President and assume a strategic role in the overall management of the company. The COO will have primary day-to-day responsibility for planning, implementing, managing and controlling all Operation-related activities of the company.

Responsibilities :

  • Drive the company’s Operation planning
  • Provide leadership and management to reflect the organization's mission and core values.
  • Providing strategic recommendations to the CEO.
  • Analyzing and planning strategies for business development and growth.
  • Collaborate with the management team to develop strategic and implement the plan.
  • Conduct P&L performance analysis and troubleshoots areas of interest while assisting in developing appropriate solutions to identified problems and opportunities.
  • Conducts all necessary inspections and audits; develops and implements plans of actions.
  • Prepare reliable current and forecasting reports

Qualifications :

  • Age between 35-45 years old
  • Bachelor’s Degree ; MSc/MBA is a plus
  • Proven experience as COO, Operation Manager or relevant role
  • Leadership skill with ability to collaborate cross-functionally.



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